7 Tips to DIY French Manicures

French Manicures Will Forever be a Hot Trend, Here are 7 Tips to DIY!

French manicures is undoubtedly the trend that never goes away. Why is that? Well, it closely resembles nature and brings out the natural qualities of nails. People are subconsciously primed to think that long, hard and white nails are a sign of great health and vitality and find them attractive.

Over the years, French manicures have changed. The white tops were thick, or thin. The nail plate was round, square, triangle, spiky, long, or short. The base was transparent or solid rose pink. One thing has never changed, it’s everyone’s old favourite for all occasions.

This article will guide you through how to DIY a French manicure without beating around the bush.

The French manicures has been here forever, so there are ways to do it that are traditional. However, Tik Tok brings new ways on how to paint a French manicure. Do they work? Can they replace the old methods?

TikTokers started to share videos with a quick and easy way to make a French manicure, using only your fingertips, not tricky nail guides. Does it work? Well, no, not really. The result surely resembles the French manicure, but the tops are not precise, not equal and your fingertips are messy afterwards. Follow this guide for an easy, but realistic way to make your nails.

French Manicures: Start with a solid foundation

  • Stage 1: Trimming

Start your French manicure by trimming all your nails to the same length. The longer, the better.

  • Stage 2: Shaping

Decide which shape works best for you. Rounded, square, or a spiky triangle? Shape your nails with a file.

  • Stage 3: Soaking the cuticles

You don’t need a fancy product for this. Soaking the cuticles in soapy water will be absolutely enough. However, it may be nice to add some aroma oil to juice it up. Then, remove them with a cuticle nipper.

  • Stage 4: Buffing and prepping for polish

That’s the stage you shouldn’t forget. Buff your nails gently, it strengthens them. Then, add a gentle nail polish base. You can choose from the ones which strengthen the nails or make your manicure long-lasting. Choosing a good product makes it that much easier to do properly. Indigo polishes nails uk can offer a rich colours and durability.

  • Stage 5: Applying nail guides

This is the moment that’s most easy to mess it up. How to avoid that? Make sure that your base is dry as a bone. Tap the top of your nail gently to check. Choose good quality nail guides that stick to your nails well. It won’t work if they keep moving.

  • Stage 6: Painting French tips

If you ever wonder why it looks so easy on all tutorial videos, it’s because people presenting it have a lot of practice and have a high-quality product. You need rich white nail polish for painting your tops. When a nail polish requires only one thin layer, then your chances of success are the biggest. Paint it gently with a steady hand and give it plenty of time to dry up.

  • Stage 7: Sealing the manicure

This is very often a forgotten stage. Well, if it was a hassle to do your French manicure. If you had to start over from scratch. If it took longer than expected, then do a little bit of extra work and paint it over with a protective top. You will gain extra durability and a shiny gloss.

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