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Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care – Helping People Cope up with Their Fatal Illnesses

I had read about hospice in health magazines and online but never realized its importance until I required this service. The pillar of my strength, my father, was diagnosed with a liver ailment last year. Although we did everything in our capacity to get him cured, the illness had reached its final stage. Thus, there wasn’t much time left for him to live.

Doctors said nothing much could be done. This news came as a shock to us. Our perfect world, full of happiness and pleasant moments, collapsed in front of us. All of us were in a miserable state. Dad was going through the worst. Not only he was physically drained because of the illness, but he was also stressed for he knew what all of us were going through.

My professional life also suffered greatly due to this situation in our home. I discussed this situation with my supervisor and asked for leaves. He, instead, recommended me to consult a hospice care center for which I will be eternally grateful to him. I didn’t waste a moment and started searching for the best hospice care center in LA. After reading numerous reviews on different online platforms, I finalized Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care.

I booked an initial consultation with them for which they didn’t charge anything. Their most professional hospice experts met with my father and analyzed his condition thoroughly. After taking input from my father and the whole family, they drafted a comprehensive hospice care plan. This plan helped my father and the whole family in the following ways:

  • This care prepared all of us to face the ultimate reality. They motivated us to make pleasant memories with him during the time he had left in this world.
  • Since all of us had our jobs and other responsibilities to fulfill, it was not possible for us to be around Dad 24/7. So, when we were not around, Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care took care of him. Their services include companionship in which, a volunteer spends time with the patient and gives them the company so they do not feel alone.
  • Good Heart hospice gave us an option to get this care in our own home, which proved to be quite helpful for us. This brought him out of the depressing atmosphere of the hospital. He was no longer surrounded by numerous medical equipment. Spending time in his own home made him feel a little better. When we were not with him at the home, hospice volunteers from Good Heart helped him with his routine chores.
  • Another exceptional feature of this hospice care center is that they offer general medical and emergency services as well. So, whenever dad had problems due to his health, they were there to take care of him. A point here you need to know that hospice aims to reduce the pain. This care is not curative in nature. So, don’t get this care with the hopes to become healthy again.
  • With their respite care services, they helped dad to relax. He no longer had fear of death; instead, he started to make efforts to spend his remaining days in a comfortable and peaceful manner. Watching him in a pleasant state made us feel better too.

All in all, hospice care really proved to be a blessing for us. Now that my father is no longer with us but the pleasant memories of his last days that we spent together still remain with us. It took some time for us to get over this loss but Good Heart hospice was there with us in this difficult time.

I will definitely recommend hospice care from Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care to people who do not have much time to live. There are various other hospice care centers located in LA but this one is worth trying as they have the best staff and offer exceptional care and support to the patient and their family. It will not be wrong to state that they believe in walking an extra mile to provide respite and comfort to the patient and their loved ones.

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