Complete Information Hair Highlights Color Ideas For Indian Hair

Hair Highlights Color Ideas For Indian Hair

Hair Highlights Color Ideas: Anyone looking for a new look will search for the term ‘hair highlight colors. Some seek a minor tweak, while others want a complete overhaul. When it comes to the best hair colour in India and hair color highlights, there’s a lot of confusion about whether to go bright or natural, which color highlights you want, which color highlights work best with your skin tone and hair, and so on. In this blog we’ve put together this best colour for hair highlights look for Indian hair to help you with some ideas.

What are hair Highlights?

Highlights are sections of hair that are dyed a different shade of hair color than the rest of the strands of hair. This makes hair strands look brighter. Of course, strategically placed highlights can also help improve your complexion and draw attention to or away from certain parts of your face.

Types of Hair Highlight Color

1. Temporary Hair Color

The outermost layer of the hair is solely affected by temporary hair color, which does not reach the hair shaft. One or two shampoo hair washes are all that is needed to get rid of it completely. The use of temporary best colour for hair highlights is ideal for special events.

2. Semi-permanent Color

Semi-permanent hair color can last for up to six hair washes before needing to be reapplied. When you’re looking to experiment with a new hair color, this product is ideal because it doesn’t contain ammonia.

3. Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color can last until new hair grows out if you take good care of it. Adding ammonia to the hair dye makes the highlights last longer. However, professionals recommend that you only use permanent hair color highlights if you are sure about the color you want to make your hair look like.

Popular Color Highlight Techniques

1. Lowlights

Lowlights is a hair coloring procedure that uses darker colors than your natural hair color. Instead of using a lighter hue than the original, this technique uses a darker shade. Blonde hair can benefit greatly from lowlights, which add depth and character to the overall look. Dark haired Indian women can get the same results with mahogany or burgundy lowlights.

2. Babylights

These are very subtle highlights that are made with very small strands of hair. They look natural but are still beautiful. The head is split into very small parts, and each part is coloured with the highlight shade so that they can look like a baby’s head.

3. Ombre

A gradient is created by gradually transitioning from a dark hair colour at the roots to a lighter shade at the tips, with a transition shade in the middle of the hair length.

4. Balayage

The appearance of balayage style highlights is much more natural. The colorist hand colors the highlights in this hair color style in a casual manner to bring depth and texture to the flat hair. Balayage is a hair color technique that involves the use of three or more hair colors.

Hair Highlights Color Ideas For Indian Hair

Trying to pick a highlight color by looking at the blonde picture is of no use at all. Indian skin is different, so you need to pick a highlight color that goes well with your skin tone. People often choose a two tone lighter highlight color than the color of their natural hair to make it stand out more.

1. Brown

Brown hair highlights and undertones are a popular choice among Indians, both for men and women. Newer brown tones like ashy or golden can give you a fresh new look.

2. Burgundy

A burgundy ammonia-free hair colour in India works well with darker and more yellowish complexion tones. Adding burgundy highlights to your dark black hair can transform your look into something out of a movie star. With a touch of purple and a dash of red, your hair will be the talk of the town.

3. Red hair

Red hair with highlights necessitates a more daring hairstyle, so you’ll need a strong mentality to pull it off! If you have a lighter complexion, opt for coppery highlight colors. However, it’s best to initially try with temporary red hair with highlights before deciding to go for the full-blown red hair color transformation.

4. Light brown

There are hundreds of different types for light brown hair with highlights, such as maple or woody. However, you should not choose a ammonia-free hair colour in India that is more than three shades lighter than your actual hair color.

5. Lowlights

When using gray colors, opt for lowlights because they seem more classic on your back. Playing with shades of gray for hair highlights can radically change the appearance of middle-aged males.


Aim for a tone that is approximately two shades lighter than your basic hair color if you want to get spectacular highlights. When it comes to highlights and lowlights, one or two distinct colors are ideal; however, much more than that and your hair will start to seem like a rainbow will be too much. To achieve an organic look, use warm highlights if you have a warm hair color and cool highlights if you have a cool hair color. Just be careful not to choose a color that is too near to your skin tone, as this can result in a clashing look.

FAQs On Hair Highlights

  1. Which hair color highlight is best for Indian hair?

Almost all shades of brown and red, as well as red accents, are natural colors that complement the majority of Indian skin tones.

  1. Which color is best for highlights?

One that is two shades lighter than your foundation hue works best as a highlighter, according to experts.

  1. Do highlights damage hair?

Highlights and semi-permanent ammonia-free hair colour in India are not as harmful to the hair as bleach, but they do have negative implications.

  1. Can we highlight hair at home?

When it comes to at home hair highlighting, there are a number of alternatives to choose from.

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