How to Maintain Hair When You Travels

How to Maintain Hair When You Travel?

How to Maintain Hair When You Travel? – While traveling is a fun and awesome way to explore new places, people and cultures, it does take a toll on our skin and hair as well!

How to Maintain Hair When You Travel?

Many people miss out on hair care routines when they are traveling. This leads to dull, frizzy and dry hair after they are done with their travels. Some love to flaunt their tousled waves and highlights but, in the process, they wouldn’t brush their Maintain Hair When You Travel during the entire trip.

We also neglect our hair needs during traveling, by washing the hair using a shampoo that strips all the oils from your hair and conditioning with a product that doesn’t efficiently substitute those oils. Doing this repeatedly, along with the potential harms of sun and salt, you make your hair more prone to breakage.

And to top it all off, dirt, humidity, pool water, dry and recycled airplane air during traveling are all villains for those beautiful tresses.

You can travel in style by preventing hair damage by taking care of your hair well before you travel and during traveling as well.

Presenting some tips to ensure your hair remains healthy through your travels:

Use hair oils!

Oiling is always a good idea to provide nourishment to hair when you’re traveling or not!

And for that, the all-natural, organic coconut oil, olive oil, and argan oil are the best out of the rest. Using cold-pressed oils are less processed and make hair more nourished.

When in pools or have your day on the beach, these oils allow your hair to absorb the oil so it doesn’t have any room for salty water (dry out the hair), Maintain Hair When You Travel.

Use hair oils!

How to make the most out of using oils for your hair?

  • Apply some oil on your strands to add some extra moisture before a long airplane ride
  • Oil your hair and keep it overnight to let the oil seep into your scalp; if not, try keeping it for about 3 to 4 hours and wash off
  • Fetch your hair with coconut oil on your hair (rather than a conditioner) after coming out of the sea or ocean to detangle, moisturize and make your hair smell good

Don’t wash your hair every day

Change in temperatures and wandering through dirt, dust and a lot might make you want to wash your hair daily. As a result, your hair may become dry and brittle stripping off essential oils off your hair.

Instead, wash only after at least 3 days unless your sweaty or after a swim. Otherwise, spray on some dry shampoo over your scalp and damp and let it air dry. It will help you to get rid of extra oil on your scalp.

Carry your hair essentials in travel-friendly bottles!

Make a point to pack your skincare needs like shampoo and conditioner in handy, travel-sized bottles (preferably no more than 3 ounces or 100ml for air travels).

To avoid spills due to bag mishandling- Seal the bottle opening with a bit of plastic wrap before twisting on the cap. Simply, remove the wrap once you arrive at your destination.

You might be thinking why bring your own when the hotels provide toiletries for their guests? So, that you don’t miss out on the nourishment you need from the products you use on a daily basis. This can also limit potential allergic reactions in case you have a sensitive scalp.

Carry your hair essentials in travel-friendly bottles!

Protect your hair from harsh UV-sunlight

Just as the skin is prone to sunburns so are your hair!

Don’t skip on a UV/hair protection serum or spray from a trusted brand while traveling. Cover the hair using a scarf or hat to create a barrier between your hair and the sun.

If your hair is dyed, it may fade your hair color quickly. So better to cover-up!

Know the art of combing your hair!

Tangled hair is susceptible to breakage and can damage your hair! Brush your hair with smooth strokes to ensure all the little knots are out.

Let’s face it- Curly hair is naturally dry and unmanageable, they need extra attention. So, don’t be lazy to comb your hair. Prefer boar-bristle or wooden combs for your hair. Why? because plastic combs produce static electricity that results in breakage of your hair strands but the wood is not a friend of electricity.

Know the art of combing your hair!

Invest in at least one or two good ‘hair savior products’

Some cheaper alternatives for hair care products can worsen your hair. So, invest in a really good product (for example hair masks, hair essential oil, dry shampoos and/or conditioners, or hair treatments) to keep your hair strong and healthy. For example:

  • For long hair, or hair prone to tangling– A great hair mask/treatment when used once a week can add moisture back into your hair.
  • For very fine hair at shoulder length or shorter– Use a shampoo with protein base to strengthen your hair and give you some extra volume.

Try some easy hair-dos

Trying out fancy hairstyles can be time-consuming and hard to keep up during travelling and so, to tie hair upwards is an amazing option as to keep you cool in humid, hot weather, and they don’t easily get messed up.

Buns are a fun and messy way to cover up your oily hair or even extremely dry hair. Be it long hair or short, opt for a bun with hair accessories for protection. You can form natural-looking waves by plaiting your hair or putting it in a loose bun when damp. Side part your hair to tame your hair to make it look neat.

Try some easy hair-dos

Don’t be afraid to get a trim or chop your hair

Travelling can play havoc on your beautiful locks. And no matter what product you use to bring back the lost health of your hair, giving it a trim or a decent hair cut can be beneficial for your hair. If you are not sure which hairdresser or salon would be best, ask someone at your accommodation reception if they can recommend one!
When picking a style — keep it as low-maintenance as possible to avoid extra efforts to style your hair.

And then, there are always hair vitamins to nourish the hair follicles and hair strands, prevent dryness and moisturize your scalp. These follicular fertilizers can help set your hair on track after post-travel distress on your hair.

Just follow these hair care tips for traveling and after, to restore and maintain your hair!

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