Crucial Things Men Need to Know About Pregnancy 2020

Crucial Things Men Need to Know About Pregnancy

Crucial Things Men Need to Know About Pregnancy: – It’s not uncommon for men not to know a lot about pregnancy. Even those who have kids might not be quite familiar with everything that their partner went through if they weren’t paying attention and playing an active role during the pregnancy. So, if you are expecting a cute little addition to your family, here are some of the crucial things every man should know when it comes to pregnancy.

Crucial Things Men Need to Know About Pregnancy

First of all, it’s important to understand that pregnant women are not fragile. They are not made of glass and they are not going to break when doing certain activities. What is more, physical activity is encouraged during pregnancy. It will not increase the risk of preterm birth, small birth weight, or even miscarriage. Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise a day is recommended, so let your partner do the things she wants. There is no need for you to try and limit her activities unless her physician says that the pregnancy is risky and advises for your partner to take it slow or even be on bed rest.

But help is always welcome

On the other hand, you also need to keep in mind that pregnancy can be exhausting. For example, for some women, the first trimester is often the most difficult one. So, don’t be surprised if your partner seems tired or needs to go to bed at eight. Her body is changing and that can easily take a toll. Therefore, even though you should be careful not to step on any toes, helping around the house can be very welcome. Take care of the cooking and cleaning. If you have other kids, stay on top of all their needs as well. Finally, when you see your partner needs rest, offer a pregnancy massage to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

Moodiness is a part of it…

While not all women will experience mood swings during pregnancy, you should be aware of the fact that pregnancy can come with an emotional roller coaster. For example, your partner might oscillate from pure joy to utter despair. If this happens, you have to understand that this is all a part of pregnancy and that it will subdue over time. Hormones and sleep deprivation can contribute to her feeling this way as well as anxiety and stress. While no two pregnancies are completely the same, there are some things that can help manage these side effects. For example, in addition to a balanced diet and exercise, talking to loved ones can help so make sure you are there to support your partner through this period.

But understanding mental health is important

However, while these mood swings are normal, you need to do your best to better understand women’s mental health during pregnancy. For example, you probably heard about postnatal depression but did you know that your partner could feel anxious and depressed while pregnant? Yes, just like you’re feeling anxious about the future and stressing out about whether you will be a good parent, so is your partner. What is more, some preexisting mental health issues can be made worse, such as clinical depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar, and other mental disorders. It’s important to pay attention to your partner’s behavior in order to be able to spot any issues she might be having. Show her that you are there for her and encourage her to talk to a therapist if she is experiencing mental health problems.

Morning sickness doesn’t happen only in the morning

Once again, every pregnancy is unique but 75% of women experience morning sickness. It usually starts happening about a month after conception and lasts approximately until the fourteenth week of pregnancy. However, some women deal with morning sickness throughout the whole pregnancy. Something else you should know is that, despite its name, morning sickness is not limited to only mornings. Most women experience symptoms all day long, so help her experiment with morning sickness remedies to find one that works best. Ginger and peppermint tea, vitamin B6 supplements, and seasickness bracelets might be of enormous help.

Your partner will be going through a lot during pregnancy. To learn more, read plenty of books about pregnancy and attend childbirth classes with her. Above all, ask her about how she is doing and feeling as well as how you can be there for her.

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