Why You Need to Opt for Myopia Natural Treatment

Why You Need to Opt for Myopia Natural Treatment

Myopia: Nearsightedness, Shortsightedness, Needing Glasses To See Clearly At A Distance

Your local optometrist (and the Internet) will be quick to tell you that your poor eyesight is some sort of mysterious genetic deficiency. You were born with it, and there’s nothing you can do.

Nothing, besides paying lots of money for glasses.

But what if myopia wasn’t actually a genetic condition, or even any kind of medical issue at all? What if myopia was nothing more than the eye’s response to environmental stimulus?

Your Eyes: Genetically Broken?

This is really the first thing to understand, when exploring the idea of ‘natural treatments’.

Glasses are part of a 100 billion dollar a year industry of lens manufacturers and retailers, that offer a quick fix symptom treatment, with a very dubious claim of “genetic condition.”

If they are right, then glasses (or contact lenses or LASIK) are indeed the only option.

But what if they’re wrong?

To find out, a quick stop over at Google Scholar will help shed light on some scientific fasts about your eyes.

And these scientific facts tell an interesting story:

Natural Myopia Treatment: That’s how your vision problems started.

Google Scholar shows a surprising 19.000 (!) results for pseudo (as in, not real), myopia. Looking further into this shows that your myopia most likely started out as a focusing muscle strain symptom, from too much time reading and looking at screens.

19.000 times, this has been quoted in clinical science literature. Doesn’t sound either genetic, or mysterious, or like something that requires permanent lens wear for treatment.

But wait, it gets worse.

Do Your Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse?

The treatment they sell you, those glasses, actually cause your eyesight to continue to get worse. Every day you wear them, these things tell your eyes to keep changing, to get more blurry distance vision.

This would be a nightmare to consider. It’s no nightmare, though.

It’s … reality.

That’s right. Type “lens induced myopia” into Google Scholar, and you get fifty. Thousand. Results.

Meaning, lenses cause myopia. The very things you’re being sold as treatment today, is making your eyes worse. No question, no debate, no mystery. This reality has been researched, studied, understood, and quoted beyond extensively in peer reviewed, clinical science journals.

For decades.

And so we’re about to come around to why natural myopia control isn’t really so much a ‘maybe’ option, but really the only sensible one.

Before we get there though, let’s take one more look at the retail optometry option:

The Profit Motive (They Don’t Tell You About)

How many industries do you know of that generate a 100 billion dollars a year in revenue?

That’s a massive amount of incentive to keep you in glasses.

There’s this article in the LA Times, outlining how glasses are routinely marked up 5000% and more, to make those huge numbers.

Their dirty secret? Those lenses you wear cost the optometrist no more than $1.50 to $5.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory talk.

The point here simply is that there’s a massive conflict of interest, on part of the people you’re told to trust with answers about your eyesight. You have to take the time to understand the players, the motives, and where and how to find answers. We live in a for-profit world, and you’re the “consumer”. They want you to consume, mindlessly ideally.

Think about it. You’re being sold a treatment that creates more of the problem, requiring even more of the treatment.

Truly the stuff of nightmares.

This finally brings us to the only option that makes sense:

Opting For Natural Myopia Treatment

If you blindly trust, if you just walk into a retail store asking for answers, you get a symptom treatment.

Nobody will tell you about how your screen addiction is maybe not a great thing. Nobody will teach you about how the eyes respond to stimulus. There’s no money in being well, in seeing well, in not being dependent on some product.

The only one to benefit from natural myopia treatment is YOU.

So only you can do this work. Nobody in a retail store will do it for you, tell you it’s good, it’s right, it’s the way forward.

But if you do opt to treat your myopia naturally, you’ll learn lots of highly intriguing and validating things along the way. You’ll learn how your eyes actually work, how strain affects your vision, and the rather quite simple and effective strategies to slowly reduce your dependence on glasses and eventually reclaim your proper natural 20/20 eyesight.

No eye exercises, no eye vitamins, just better habits, and weaning off those high diopter glasses.

There are many thousands of progress reports and success stories. There are online communities discussing natural myopia treatment and how countless myopes made it work for themselves.

Reversing your myopia naturally will leave you seen better, both literally and figuratively. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the industries profiting from our trust (and ignorance), and ways to find better answers (Google Scholar rocks!).

So get out there. Print out an eye chart. Learn how to actually measure your exact diopters (glasses strength) at home, using a printable ruler. Do some experimenting, realize how flexible your eyes really are.

All the tools are freely available! (diopter ruler printout page)

And then get on toward a rewarding journey back to 20/20 eyesight.

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Author Bio:

Hi, I’m Jake Steiner. I began a journey to reverse my -5.00 diopter myopia. It took a great deal of experimenting and trial and error to apply theoretical concepts found in clinical journals and peer-reviewed studies, though I eventually managed to get back my natural 20/20 eyesight.

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