6 Tips to Choose the Right Hair Colour Salon 2021

6 Tips to Choose the Right Hair Colour Salon

6 Tips to Choose the Right Hair Colour Salon >> Do you feel it’s time to finally switch it up with your hair colour? If that’s the case, you’ll need an expert hairstylist who can meet your needs and make sure everything goes well.

6 Tips to Choose the Right Hair Colour Salon

Your hair means the world to you, and you shouldn’t make compromises on the hair salon you trust with it. Since every head of hair is different, each customer has a different set of priorities when looking for the best hair colour salon. This article will list down the top 5 things to look for when choosing a new hair salon.

1. Consider the price of Right Hair Colour Salon

Once you find the right hairstylist that suits your needs, you’ll become a regular customer. It’s important to find a stylist that’s well within your budget. In Sydney, the average cost of hair colouring ranges between 80 to 200 AUD depending on the quality of service you’re looking for.

You can definitely find much cheaper places, but you run the risk of paying a much higher price with regrets later on. Generally, the higher your budget is for a hair colour service, the better quality of hair dye they’ll use. Moreover, the skill level of the stylist that works on your hair also varies with the amount of money you’re paying.

Read online reviews Hair Colour salon

2. Read online reviews

We’re living in the internet age, and almost everything has been reviewed online. It’s the same with salons. You’ll find plenty of reviews about various options on Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, or the salon’s website.

Once you have your eyes on a couple of short-listed hair colour Sydney salons, Instagram is a great way to have a closer look. Most salons provide before/after picture of their clients to provide you with insight into their hair colouring skills.

Some especially happy clients will post pictures of their hairdos and tag the hair salon in them, so that’s also something to look for!

You must always check customer reviews to see what people generally like or dislike about a hair salon you could potentially go to.

3. Ask around

Know someone who recently got some amazing highlights? Ask them where they got it done. It sounds simple, but you’ll generally get more honest feedback from the people close to you.

4. Look for cleanliness

Walk into a couple of hair salons on your radar and have a closer look at the environment. Does the business seem hygienic to you? Does the hair get swept up right after it’s cut, or does it lie there for hours? Does the place smell good? Are their towels scattered around the floor? These are important questions as you should stay away from a salon that doesn’t maintain proper hygiene.

You’ll have unfamiliar scissors, combs, brushes, and towels touching your hair when you get your hair done. To trust them with all of this, you need to be sure that the salon takes cleanliness seriously. Every hair salon should sanitize the brushes and combs they use, quickly sweep hair away, and regularly launder their towels.

Consider the price of Right Hair Colour Salon

While you’re at it, also notice how the colleagues in the salon interact with one another. Ideally, you want them to be warm, friendly, and open to hearing you out about your hair goals.

5. Always bring a photo

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true for a hair colouring session. Descriptions are subjective, and you never know what your stylist is or isn’t aware of. For instance, saying that you want “Sansa Stark’s exact shade of red hair” says nothing if your stylist hasn’t watched Game of Thrones.

Simply bring a photo of the colour you’re looking for to give them an exact idea of what you want.

Sometimes, certain shades aren’t attainable right away in the first attempt. For example, going from pitch black to blonde can’t be achieved overnight. Hairstylists are professionals who have years worth of experience. They can make honest recommendations to you that go well with your natural complexion. If you bring a photo to the salon, there’s no guessing—it makes everyone’s lives easier.

6. Try to choose a locally owned hair colour salon

Here’s an ethical tip to sum it all up. If you can, try going for a locally-owned hair colour salon instead of choosing an international salon chain. It’s a great step to play your part in boosting your economy while showing support and giving back to your community.

Besides, local businesses tend to put extra effort and care into making sure their customers receive high-quality service. Since they don’t have a large corporation behind them, every customer is valuable to a locally owned business. In a large chain salon, countless customers come and go, and there’s no time to build long-term relationships with customers.

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