How and Why You Need to Take Care of Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

How and Why You Need to Take Care of Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal: There is not one person in the world who is happy with the unwanted hair and for most of us, there is a constant search that will allow us to get rid of these unwanted hairs forever. Many of us spend immense amounts of money and time to remove unwanted hair from our arms, legs, underarms and other parts of the body, but in most cases, these hairs will return after some time. If you are shaving, the hair will return in a matter of days, with waxing and hair removal creams, it will return in a week or so. This means that you will have to keep removing your hair, repeatedly, making it a massive headache for you.

However, there are methods by which you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently and laser hair removal happens to be one of the most effective methods. In laser hair removal, you will be given a thorough examination, the post which the right type of laser will be chosen for you. When the laser is focused on your skin, it will penetrate the skin and destroy the very root of the hair, ensuring that no new growth is possible. But it is important to remember that once you have undergone laser hair removal, you need to take extreme care of your skin.

While there are several things that you need to keep in mind after the procedure has been completed, there are some things that you will have to keep in mind, even before the procedure:

  • For about a week before the treatment, you have to make sure that your skin is not exposed to UV exposure.
  • In case your skin has been sunburnt or if there is tanning on your skin, then you might be asked to wait for a minimum of 2 weeks because that is the time taken for the skin to heal.
  • If you have recently undergone chemical peels or laser procedures in the same area, then you will be asked to wait for 2 weeks. Similarly, if you have used any alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxyl products, retinoid or Accutane products, you will be asked to wait a certain number of days or even weeks, before you can undergo a laser hair removal. Even people who have had Botox or dermal fillers administered might be asked to wait.
  • For a week before the procedure, you will also be asked to avoid any and all tanning products, because the color that is used for these procedures can hamper the laser hair removal.
  • Well before the treatment, you will be given a thorough examination, because if any lesions, moles or abnormal spots are detected, you will need to be cleared of those beforehand.
  • Before you head to the clinic for your laser hair removal treatment, you need to make sure that the area that is being treated has been shaven clean and it is important that you shave, not wax or use a hair removal cream. Once you are at the clinic, the area to be treated will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • In case a numbing gel is being applied, it has to be applied at least 30 minutes before the procedure and then it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • You will also be asked to not perform any strenuous physical activity, at least 2 hours before the treatment, as it could increase body temperature or blood pressure.

Moving onto what you can expect during & after laser hair removal treatment:

  • During your treatment, you can expect a little bit of discomfort, something that a lot of people describe as a rubber band being snapped against their skin.
  • There might be a little redness, swelling or even bumps on the skin, immediately after the procedure and this could continue for up to 72 hours post procedure. To help with these side effects, you could use aloe Vera or calamine.
  • It can take anywhere between 7 to 15 days for the hair to start falling out and after every session, you should be able to see up to 30% hair loss.

Finally, the most important factors – how to take care of your skin after the laser hair removal treatment:

  • The first 24 hours after the procedure, you will be asked to avoid all types of chemicals, including perfumes and deodorants. If you have gotten laser hair removal on your face, you will also be asked to avoid wearing makeup for a day or two.
  • You will also be asked gently exfoliate your skin every time you take a shower because this will help prevent any in-grown hair.
  • For a minimum of a week after the procedure, you need to ensure that you stay sun safe and keep your skin protected against UV exposure. As far as possible, you should stay out of direct sunlight and if you have to, then you need to apply generous amounts of sunscreen.
  • You will be prescribed some type of medication to help with the pain and discomfort and you should use the same as suggested. In case there are blisters, it is imperative that you not touch it and apply an antibiotic cream or ointment on it.
  • For the next few days, you will be asked to stay away from chemical products and tanning lotions. You will also be asked not to undergo any other laser or chemical treatments, as this could harm your skin.
  • During the first 5 to 8 days, you need to make sure that you do not expose your skin to too much heat – this means no tanning beds, saunas, steams or even really hot baths.
  • While you are allowed to shave, after 48 hours of the procedure, it is best that you not pluck or tweeze hair.

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