What Are the Causes of Hair Loss, Its Symptoms and How It Can Be Prevented

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss, Its Symptoms and How It Can Be Prevented?

Causes of Hair Loss is a serious condition that affects about 30% of the male population by the age of 35 years. This is why many people have become more accepting towards hair treatments and hair transplant surgeries. This is also because people have realized the impact that hair can have on their appearance as well as on their personal and professional lives.

Noticing hair loss on time is crucial to get an early treatment and to improve the prognosis of the condition otherwise hair transplant may be the only treatment feasible if there is an availability of the donor area. Many of those who opt for hair transplant, India say that they wish they had noticed the condition earlier and got a hair transplant done sooner after seeing the change that it brings to their personality.

Before getting treated for hair loss we need to understand the reasons for hair loss and its symptoms.

The Reasons for Causes of Hair Loss Include the Following:

  1. Genetic:

Male pattern alopecia also known as Androgenic alopecia is due to the increased sensitivity of the roots of certain hair follicles towards the hormone DHT. DHT is a male hormone and an increased sensitivity runs in some families which leads to the genetic pattern of androgenic alopecia.

  1. Traction Alopecia:

It is seen mostly in women and results due to over pulling of the hair while making certain hair styles over a long period of time. It can also be seen in men who wear turbans for long periods of time and then experience traction alopecia at the site of pulling.

  1. Hormonal Changes and Medical Conditions:

Many medical conditions and treatments can lead to hair loss. Medical conditions include conditions such as alopecia areata, ringworm of the scalp and trichotillomania. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause, thyroid conditions, etc. Are certain conditions that can cause hair loss too? Treatments of diseases such as for typhoid, hypertension, cancer, arthritis and gout can cause hair loss.

  1. Radiation Therapy to the Head:

Treatments for conditions that require radiation therapy can be a cause of hair loss due to the strong radiation levels.

  1. Stress:

Stress in the long term or acute severe stress, both physical and mental can be a cause of hair loss. Sudden weight loss can also be a cause of hair loss.

The Symptoms of Hair Loss:

Causes of hair loss like all medical conditions has symptoms that start at a pretty early stage but may go by unnoticed by the patient. The symptoms include:

  1. Gradual Thinning

Thinning of hair is the most common symptom that is usually seen at the top of the head in both men and women. In men it may begin at the front of the head instead of on the top too.

  1. Breakage

Hair fall may increase in frequency and number and may be one of the first signs of the approaching hair loss and balding. There may also be sudden loosening of hair perhaps in bunches as well.

  1. Bald Patches

Hair loss may also occur in circular patches which may not be limited to just the scalp. They may extend to the eyebrows and other parts of the body too.

How Can You Prevent Hair Loss?

Although genetic hair loss is not preventable, there are many methods to prevent the other forms of hair loss. These are:

  1. Avoid making tight hair styles that pull your hair too much.
  2. Avoid combing your hair when it’s wet.
  3. Use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair.
  4. Treat your hair gently while washing or combing.
  5. Avoid treatments for the hair that can cause hair breakage and loss. These include treatments such as curling, smoothening, weaving, extensions, keratin, etc. Consult a doctor before getting these treatments done if you are suffering from significant hair loss.
  6. Avoid smoking since it has been known to be associated with hair loss in men.
  7. Use a cooling cap if you are undergoing chemotherapy. This can reduce the risk of hair loss.
  8. Get early treatment. If you are suffering from a medical condition that is causing your hair loss it is best to get treated for it at the earliest.

These are the main reasons, symptoms and tips to prevent hair loss. This article hopes to create awareness about a medical condition that is often ignored by people without realising the impact that it can have in the future on their overall personality and confidence.

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