What Foods to Eat to Lower Cholesterol Quickly- Healthy Fixes with Food!

What Foods to Eat to Lower Cholesterol Quickly- Healthy Fixes with Food!

The human body is a house of many intricately balanced systems. Various hormones, enzymes and juices all around our body fall into a perfect balance to ensure proper bodily functioning. But the persistence of unhealthy lifestyles practiced by most people since the previous few decades affects this balance heavily. The most common resultants of such events are high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, diabetes and hypertension. Cholesterols are of two kinds- the LDL’s and HDL’s, the low density and the high density ones. Cholesterols are something synthesized by the body itself, but with excessive additives and harmful chemicals vary the cholesterol levels. The particular cycle is the increase of the bad cholesterols- the LDL’s and the decrease of the HDL’s- the good ones in comparison. Here are what foods to eat to lower cholesterol quickly!


Fish are a great source of Omega 3- fatty acids. These acids are the holy grail to healthy glyceride levels in the blood. If you are wondering what foods to eat to lower cholesterol quickly, fish is the best choice to make. Consuming 3-4 servings of fish a week helps reduce the amount of LDL’s in the body, thus lowering cholesterol. This helps prolong the heart’s efficacy and good health. Try adding more salmon and tuna to your food for good cholesterol control!


Adding oatmeal to your breakfast isn’t that difficult to attain. The high fiber content in the oats makes them a great way to reduce cholesterol levels. It does this in an amazing manner by binding the cholesterol. What the fiber in the oats actually does is absorb the cholesterols and its sub products and flush them out of the body. This prevents the bad cholesterols from ever getting into the blood circulation and increasing cholesterol levels which leads to issues of the heart.

Apples, Strawberries, Grapes and Citrus Fruits:

Apples, strawberries, grapes and citric fruits are also good sources of soluble fibers for the body and can hence be of help in reducing cholesterol. The most important element of the fiber richness, is a fiber called pectin that these foods are abundant with.


The type of oils that you use in your food also plays an important role in determining your cholesterol levels. If you are using animal based oils and fats, that is bad news for your heart health. What you should do to lower the levels of cholesterol in your blood is switch to vegetable oils. There are variants of it such as sunflower oil, rice bran oil, soya oil and what not. Vegetable oil unlike animal fat derived oils help keep the cholesterol levels in check.


If you are thinking of what foods to eat to lower cholesterol quickly, you need to assess your food choices well and make some serious changes. Switching to vegetable derived oils and fats,

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